We are all fractals of light

We are all fractals of light. Life on earth emerges from light.

Light is electric — electromagnetic.

Electricity is a fractal expression of energy in motion.

Roots are fractals just like electricity, because energy follows the path of least resistance and best efficiency.

Look at your arms, see the veins. They are fractals, just like your entire pulsating body, brain, heart, lungs, nervous system and everything that composes your human existence is made up of fractals. Our biological systems and DNA are composed of electrochemical reactions that can only exists because of the fundamental forces of nature — and the one force responsible for the formation and connection of all matter is electromagnetism, or light itself.

All life forms are fractals because physics, chemistry and all matter exhibits fractal properties.

Intelligence is fractal — Even science is a fractal.

Look at nature and see the pattern of infinity which exists inside us and in all of the entire universe: fractals are omnipresent in all scales of nature, for fractals of light are the basis of form. Where there are Consciousness there are fractals.

Life or consciousness could not exist if not for the fractal properties of electricity, which is just a manifestation of light itself, also known as electromagnetism.

Geometry in nature, from symmetry to asymmetry, are a result of electromagnetic interactions.

Without this force form in matter could not exist as it is.

From the Facebook page Light is consciousness

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